Parish Pastoral Council Self-Nomination

What is the Pastoral Council?
The Pastoral Council serves the pastor in an advisory role. The mission of the council is to articulate our parish’s vision and to develop a broad strategy for bringing that vision to life. The council does not concern itself with day-to-day operations or the administration of the temporal/financial goods of the parish. These belong to the parish staff, volunteers, and the Finance Council.

Who can be a member?
Council members are appointed by the pastor at the recommendation of the current Pastoral Council. Ordinarily, members serve for at least a three-year term. To be considered for membership on the Pastoral Council, one must: (a) be Catholic and have received Confirmation and First Eucharist, (b) belong to St. Charles Borromeo Parish, (c) be living in harmony with the faith of the Church, and (d) as an adult have invested in one’s spiritual growth through retreats, mission trips, or some other “conversion engine” (e.g., CEC, Cursillo, Cloisters on the Platte, etc.).

How do I express my interest?
If you are interested in submitting your self-nomination for Pastoral Council membership, please answer and submit the following form by May 24, 2019.

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